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Online booking of fresh Meat and authentic spices
Order the authentic and fresh Meat and Chicken from OFC. Download our App from the Google Play store and order your first delicious meat using the OFC app.
About Us

OFC is an online platform for booking fresh meat and homemade authentic spices without any additive, colors, preservative or Chemicals.

OFC app with the help of digital platform enables the customer to have fresh meat at their doorstep with the help of the delivery person of the registered Vendors. It also provides the features such as Cash On delivery and online tracking of Delivery Boy.

OFC app enables Vendors to connect with users and Delivery Boys online. Vendors can easily track all the information regarding Orders, payments, manage Delivery Boys, view transactions Details etc.

How the OFC App Works

- On placing the order for Fresh Meat or Chicken ,the order is placed to the registered vendors of that surrounding area where the vendors are located.

- Once the order is accepted by Registered Vendor , Customer will get notification about his order confirmation.

- And then with the help of his delivery boy of that vendor the order is delivered to the customer location.

- The Customer can track his/her order details on App through Google Map.

- Once the order is delivered to the the customer ,he/she has to pay the Amount of that Order in Cash or by UPI as per his/her or Vendor convenience.

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